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  • Llibre Indianes
    13/02/2017 - Activities FHD - Home

    Presentation of the book Indianes

    The FHD has collaborated in the publication of the book
    On Saturday 11th February 2017 the book Indianes was presented. It has been published by the gallery Portal del Llevador, and it reproduces and recreates photographically as if they were printed fabrics the original Indian drawings from the Louis Roset collection.
    The book also reproduces in facsimile format the Sample book of the factory of Josep Anton Fabregas (Igualada in 1815) and the Book of colors of Josep Anton Fàbregas (Igualada 1813).
    This edition also translated into Spanish and Catalan, has been curated by Montserrat Combalia and Remigi Combalia.

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    The FHD has helped in a grant application to the Provincial Government of Barcelona thanks to which a part of the making of the book could be financed.

  • Logo Roca
    24/10/2016 - Activities FHD - Home

    Roca Corporation history

    La Roca Corporation has commissioned the FHD to investigate the history of the company from the point of view of design.
    The Foundation has assembled a team of 11 highly specialized historians who are thoroughly studying the production of radiators, boilers, air conditioning, plumbing, sanitary, ceramics, graphics, advertising and events over 100 years.

  • Fund Jordi Vilanova at the FHD
    10/10/2016 - Activities FHD - Home

    The student Rosalba Poveda develops the Jordi Vilanova’s Fund “authority record”

    This is the first level of archival description of the Archive Jordi Vilanova.
    After months of study, we present the results of a research conducted by Rosalba Poveda. This is a final work of the Master in libraries and heritage collections of the UB, which can be found in the attachment in its reduced version.

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    The results presented in this paper should serve future researchers to further study the documents of the Jordi Vilanova Fund, owned by the Design History Foundation.
    After all the work done so far, the Fund still has many mysteries to unravel.

  • FHD_marca_BN
    01/07/2015 - Activities FHD - Home

    The FHD annual reports

    From here you can access the annual reports of the Foundation since 2008 in pdf format and in Spanish.

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    These documents include a summary of the projects and activities undertaken during the year.

    Likewise you can also check the annual financial report of the Foundation.

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