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    La historia y las teorías historiográficas del diseño

    What is the purpose history? What use can it have for designers? How should be written the history of design? Is the history of design a part of the history of art? What role have taken the theories of consumption, feminism, post-colonialism and globalization in building the history of design? Does the graphic design have a specific historiography? Isabel Campi‘s book aims to answer these questions chronicling what has been the history of design from the seventies of the twentieth century to the present, with emphasis on the debates which have taken place on both sides of the Atlantic .

    The book is only available in Spanish.

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    Capítulo I – Sobre la utilidad y el sentido de la historia
    El placer de conocer
    La comprensión del pasado y el presente
    La historia como narración
    El desarrollo de la conciencia crítica
    Capítulo II – Teorías historiográficas del diseño
    La cuestión de los límites
    La relación con la historia del arte
    Un canon problemático
    Clive Dilnot hace un estado de la cuestión
    Los primeros libros de historiografía
    La historia del consumo y la cultura de masas
    Las teorías feministas
    ¿Historia del diseño o estudios sobre diseño?
    El debate centro-periferia y el nuevo mapa de la historia
    La historia mundial y la historia global
    Trabajos recientes de historiografía
    Nuevos marcos teóricos
    De la historia social de la tecnología a la historia del diseño
    El caso del diseño gráfico
    Antologías de textos
    Bibliografía citada
    La autora
    If you are interested in purchasing a copy please email to info@historiadeldisseny.org and we will ship it as soon as possible.
    The retail price is 23 € (VAT included) + shipping.

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    The Design History Foundation participates with other Catalan colleges and universities that offer the degree in design in a wikiproject led by the Museu del Disseny de Barcelona. The idea is to collaborate by writing new entries in the popular online encyclopaedia or improve some already published, not to mention that they should always be related to design. The project will make public information on designers, magazines, schools, movements or trends in Catalan design as well as from around the world, with the aim of spreading the history of design.
    Starting in May we will publish the links with the new entries created from this initiative.

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    Starting in May we will publish the links with the new entries created from this initiative.
    If you are interested in participating get in touch with us by writing to info@historiadeldisseny.org


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    Design History Society Essay Prize 2013

    Call for entries
    Submissions are invited for the Design History Society Essay Prize, established in 1997 in order to maintain high standards in design history in higher education. Two prizes are awarded annually; one to an undergraduate student and the other to a postgraduate (MA or PhD).

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    Competition requirements:

    • The entrant must have been a full- or part-time student within the academic year 2012/2013.
    • The essay should be written in English.
    • The length of the essay should be between 6,000 words and 10,000 words, including footnotes (for postgraduate students this may take the form of a free-standing essay or a thesis chapter re-worked into a free-standing essay). A word count must be provided with the essay and on the submission form.
    • The essay (including illustrations) should be submitted electronically as a PDF.
    • The essay should not have been previously published.
    • The essay must be accompanied by an academic nomination. Copies of these guidelines can be forwarded to tutors on request

    The Prize includes:

    • A bursary of £300 given by the Design History Society
    • One year’s membership of the Design History Society (includes subscription to The Journal of Design History)
    • Free place at the Design History Society conference Towards Global Histories of Design: Postcolonial Perspectives 5 – 8 September 2013, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India
    • £100 worth of Oxford University Press publications
    • 5 Paperbacks in the Oxford History of Art series

    Application forms are available from the DHS Essay Prize Officer:

    Dr Annebella Pollen

    The closing date is 14th June 2013

    Essays received after the deadline will not be considered.

    Submission Guidelines

    In order to obtain the highest standards for the Design History Society Essay Prize, each submission must be nominated by a professional in the field.


    Consideration should be given to the following selection criteria:

    1. Initial selection criteria should reflect the internal assessment requirements of the nominating institution: for example, an essay graded First Class Honours, or of MA or PhD standard.
    2. The following attributes should be present in every essay selected for submission, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level.



    The essay should demonstrate a mature and novel approach to issues, themes, and discourses currently relevant in the field of design history.


    The essay should demonstrate excellence in terms of breadth of research and should combine a good balance of primary and secondary sources.


    Methods of research and delivery should reflect good practice in design history. For example, an ideal essay would demonstrate one or more of the following:

    • detailed, object-focused description and analysis
    • the application of appropriate historical approaches (social, economic, cultural, etc.)
    • a sophisticated approach to interpretation, utilising relevant theoretical perspectives (Marxism, feminism, etc.)
    • correct use of discipline-specific methodologies (archaeology, anthropology, etc.)

    3. Finally, the essay should:

    • be well structured and well written
    • include an excellent standard of critical evaluation of the source material
    • have a balanced and logical argument
    • have an articulate and well-evidenced conclusion


  • 11/03/2013 - International news

    Monográfica rep el Premi Ciutat de Barcelona 2012 de Disseny

    El passat 18 de febrer de 2013 l’Associació Cultural Monográfica va rebre el Premi Ciutat de Barcelona 2012 de Disseny per la seva revista digital, una plataforma «sense ànim de lucre, independient i transversal centrada en l’elaboració i difusió de contingut de qualitat en l’àmbit del disseny».