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  • 27/02/2019

    The Textile and Fashion Studies Group announces the II Colloquium of Researchers in Textile and Fashion, under the motto “Names in the Shadow”

    Names in the Shadow
    Design Museum of Barcelona
    21-22 November 2019

    Check the Conferences program Programa II Coloquio and abstracts booklet AAFF_Nombres en la sombra

    The Textile and Fashion Studies Group calls for the presentation of paper proposals for the II Colloquium of Researchers in Textile and Fashion that, under the motto “Names in the Shadow”, wants to make visible unknown authors of the textile and fashion field.

    The Textile and Fashion Studies Group, attached to the Fundación Historia del Diseño, wants to be an exchange space designed to promote research and knowledge dissemination in the fields of textiles and fashion through the development of joint projects. Likewise, it wants to ensure the conservation of the textile heritage, as well as public and private archives and collections. The Group aims to study the world of textiles and clothing from a multidisciplinary perspective that includes history, art, technology, sociology, design and museology. Some of the specific interests of its members are the raw materials, the textile design, the samples of industrial fabrics, the knitwear, the lace, the prints, the popular and theater costumes, innovative fabrics, textile collecting, creators and production companies, the fashion system, the means of diffusion and circulation of fashion, images, socio-economic history and the aesthetics of costumes, trade and international relations.

    The Group announces the II Colloquium of Researchers in Textile and Fashion, with the theme “Names in the Shadow”. In 2017 the I Colloquium took place with a large number of interesting papers that allowed researchers, in many cases working in isolation, to connect. In this second meeting, we want to put in value unknown authors for the first time, to bring to Textile and Fashion Studies with a new set of creators and professionals.

    The aim is to bring to light interesting stories of professional careers of creators linked to the textile and fashion world, such as designers, printers, embroiderers, lacemakers, cartoonists, tailors and dressmakers or stylists. The stories must overcome the familiar and local framework and help us to build a new history with new protagonists that until now have not been studied or published. These names can be  studied from history, art, sociology, anthropology or other disciplines.


    Registration to the II Colloquium will be made later through the website of the History of Design Foundation (

    More information:
    Fundación Historia del Diseño
    Tel. 93513929
    Còrsega 176, Bajos-Int.
    08036 Barcelona