• 17/01/2020

    “To be or not to be”. 12-13 March at Barcelona Design Museum

    Join the conversation: #IIISimposioFHD On 12-13 March will take place the III Symposium of the FHD entitle: To be or not to be: The role of Design in the construction of identities. Find attached the  Call for papers (in spanish) Call for papers III SImposi de la FHD.  In the  link below online inscription to the symposium ill take place on March 12 and 13, 2020, at the Design Museum of Barcelona. The working language will be Spanish.

    Registration to the III Symposium FHD

    More information:
    Fundación Historia del Diseño/@FHDisseny
    Tel. 93513929
    Còrsega 176, Bajos-Int.
    08036 Barcelona