Activities FHD

  • 24/10/2016 - Activities FHD

    Roca Corporation history

    La Roca Corporation has commissioned the FHD to investigate the history of the company from the point of view of design.
    The Foundation has assembled a team of 11 highly specialized historians who are thoroughly studying the production of radiators, boilers, air conditioning, plumbing, sanitary, ceramics, graphics, advertising and events over 100 years.

  • 10/10/2016 - Activities FHD

    The student Rosalba Poveda develops the Jordi Vilanova’s Fund “authority record”

    This is the first level of archival description of the Archive Jordi Vilanova.
    After months of study, we present the results of a research conducted by Rosalba Poveda. This is a final work of the Master in libraries and heritage collections of the UB, which can be found in the attachment in its reduced version.

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    The results presented in this paper should serve future researchers to further study the documents of the Jordi Vilanova Fund, owned by the Design History Foundation.
    After all the work done so far, the Fund still has many mysteries to unravel.

  • 16/03/2015 - Activities FHD

    The Design History Foundation takes over the Vilanova Archive

    The Foundation has received the files of the designer Jordi Vilanova who worked in Barcelona since the sixties until his death in 1998. The archive comprises original drawings, maps and photographs documenting his interior design projects and furnitures.

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    Vilanova was one of the first modern designers in Barcelona. To his excellent training workshop he joined the knowledge of Nordic design that he imported and sold in his shop in Ganduxer street (Barcelona). Together with Jordi Bonet architect, Jordi Aguadé potter, jeweler Aureli Bisbe and the painter Joan Vila Grau, he created the group La Cantonada (The Corner) where they created projects for civil and religious art.

    Vilanova was a designer well-connected, who was able to surround himself with a wide clientele in the domestic, commercial, educational and religious.

    The file was separated into two different locations and with the help of a daughter and the company Arboretum it has been possible to save it from destruction relatively fast. Now the researcher Isabel del Río is about to make a thesis on this designer who was one of the most influential in Barcelona.

  • 12/01/2015 - Activities FHD

    The Design History Foundation and the Alfaro-Hofmann Collection awarded the second edition of the Research Grants for the Study of Domestic Appliances

    The jury composed by Oriol Pibernat, Anna Calvera, Viviana Narotsky, Isabel Campi and Andreu Alfaro, members of the board of the Design History Foundation, having examined the various applications received has decided to award the scholarship of € 2,000 to fund the following investigations:
    • Gabriele Neri (Italy) for the project Cleaning in motion. The vacuum cleaner and its relationship to the human body.
    • Sorcha O’Brien (Ireland), for the project The importation and use of the electric vacuum cleaner in Ireland in the 1950s.

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    These scholarships were established in 2011 in order to promote international research on the history of the domestic appliances, a little-known branch of industrial design.
    In this second call, the Design History Foundation and the Alfaro-Hofmann Collection proposed the subject of study of the vacuum cleaner attending mainly to technical and formal evolution of these devices as well as its social impact on the domestic space.
    The scope of the research is the Alfaro-Hofmann Collection, which includes more than 300 vacuum cleaners from around the world along with a library and a documentary archive.
    The call for these scholarships is biennial and are open to graduates in historical research Masters, PhD students and professional historians. May submit national and international projects by researchers working independently or in the service of an institution.

    Call conditions 2014 edition

    NdP II beca Electrodomésticos ESP

  • 16/06/2014 - Activities FHD

    Second research grant for the study of domestic appliances. The vacuum cleaner.

    The Design History Foundation and the Alfaro-Hofmann Collection  are launching the second grant for the study of domestic appliances. In this edition object of study is the vacuum cleaner

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    The aim of the grant is to encourage international research on the history of the vacuum cleaner, and the sope of the grant is the Alfaro Hofmann collection, which includes more than  300 vacuum cleaners from all over the world, a library and a documents archive.

    Applications must be submitted to

    Key dates:

    • Deadline for applications: 3rd Novembre 2014
    • Notification of acceptance: 1st December 2014
    • Delivery of article: 23rd November 2015

    Call conditions 2014 edition