Activities FHD

  • 23/04/2012 - Activities FHD

    First research grant for the study of domestic appliances

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     The Design History Foundation and the Alfaro-Hofmann Collection of domestic appliances are launching the first grant for the study of domestic appliances.

     The aim of the grant is to encourage international research on the history of domestic appliances. The scope of the grant is the Alfaro Hofmann collection, which includes more than 5.000 appliances from all over the world, a library and a documents archive.

    Applications must be submitted to

     Key dates:

    • Deadline for applications: 14 July 2012
    • Notification of acceptance: 30 september 2012
    • Delivery of article: 30 september 2013

    Call conditions

    The jury of the 1st grant After examining all proposals, decided to give the grant to two projects:

    Li Zhang (China) for the project Bisexual Invisible Memory. History of the Sewing Machine Design From 1850 to 1950

    Stefan Osdene (USA), for the project Technical, formal and social history of the fan since 1880 to 1960

  • 21/04/2012 - Activities FHD

    Grant for researchers from Spain, Portugal and Latin America

    On occasion of the s ICDHS Design Frontiers: territories, concepts, technologies Conference which was held in Sao Paulo (Brazil) on 3-6 September 2012, the Design History Foundation (DHF) established a scholarship to help researchers to attend this conference

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    The scholarship that was awarded was intended to financially assist researchers from Spain and Latin America, especially as they move to the city of Sao Paulo.

    Deadline for submission of the documentation: June 15, 2012
    Publication of the results July 23, 2012

    For more information please contact:
    Design History Foundation
    Diagonal 453 bis, 2n
    08036 Barcelona
    Tel: +34 937 065 784
    + 34 663 582 449
    Office hours: Mondays from 10 to 18h.

    Grant for researchers. Call conditions (in Spanish)

  • 01/12/2011 - Activities FHD

    The FHD organizes the 2011 Design History Society Anual Conference

    Design History Society Anual Conference
    7-10 de September 2011, Barcelona
    Call for papers: the deadline is 31 January 2011

    Subject: Design activism and social change

    Venue: Facultat d’Història de l’Art de la Universitat de Barcelona and ADI FAD
    Coordinator: Guy Julier
    Organizes: Fundació Història del Disseny, Barcelona

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    Design activism has emerged in recent years as a term to denote creative practices that invoke social, political and environmental agency. Typically, it distances itself from commercial or mainstream public policy-driven approaches. Instead, it embraces marginal, non-profit or politically engaged design theories, articulations and actions.

    The “2011 Design History Society International Conference” offers an important opportunity for design students, academics and practitioners to participate in the development of historical enquiry into design activism.

    It welcomes the presentation of original research that helps deepen and widen our understanding of its practices and theories, contexts and discourses. The types of design expression that this conference includes, but is not limited to, are professional and non-professional industrial, graphic, craft, textile, fashion, urban, spatial, interior, digital and service design.

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  • 07/07/2010 - Activities FHD

    FHD Board of Trustees annual meeting

    The annual meeting of the FHD Board of Trustees was held on 20 March 2010 at the Foundation’s headquarters. In accordance with the byelaws, a third of the Board was renewed. Andreu Alfaro Hofmann, Oriol Pibernat and Anty Pansera therefore became trustees and Conxa Bayó, Mireia Freixa and Charo Mora joined the Advisory Committee.
    Summary of activities 2009 (in Spanish)

  • 05/05/2010 - Activities FHD

    The FHD will investigate the Pop Graphic Design in Barcelona

    Within the framework of the 2009 AGAUR (University Aids and Research Management Agency), call for grants for local or regional projects, one of the projects presented by Fundació Història del Disseny (Design History Foundation) has been selected. The project, “Pop Graphic Design in Barcelona, from 1965 to 1975”, carried out by the researcher Mari Àngels Fortea, which will focus on the history of Barcelona, in the periode between the late 60s and the early 70s; it will also research the cultural, social and political essential role played by collectives such as Gauche Divine, the School of Cinema of Barcelona or the Nova Cançó; and the graphic design developed around. To sum up, making of thePop Graphic in Barcelona.