Textile And Fashion Studies Group


The Textile and Fashion Studies Group, attached to the Design History Foundation, wants to be a place of exchange aimed to promote research and the dissemination of knowledge in the fields of textiles and fashion, through the development of joint projects. It also wants to ensure the preservation of the textile heritage, as well as publicize archives and public and private collections. The Group also offers advice to other researchers or institutions interested in the field.

The Group proposes a multidisciplinary approach for the study of the world of textiles and apparel, covering history, art, technology, sociology, design and museology.

The Group also intends to participate in international meetings and conferences related to textiles and fashion, as well as organizing trips to learn about these subjects around the world.

Fields of work


  • Fabrics, clothing textiles and fashion as universal phenomena

Specific to group members:

  • Industrial fabric samplers
  • Dyes and colorants
  • Raw materials
  • Fabric design
  • Knitwear
  • Printed fabrics
  • Folk and theatre costume
  • New fabrics
  • Textile collecting
  • Authors, producers and designers
  • The fashion system
  • Socioeconomic and aesthetic history
  • Means of dissemination and circulation of fashion
  • The image of fashion
  • International trade, relations and flows
  • Technology Transfer


Methodology and tools

Knowledge exchange through physical or virtual meetings.
Study of objects kept in public museums and private collections.
Study of documents.
Glossaries and terminology making.


Organization of periodic scientific meetings.
Organization of exhibitions and monographic shows.
Making of publications in physical or digital format.
Journeys to place of interest.

Membership to the Textile and Fashion Studies Group

To be a Group member, researchers have to become friends of the Design History Foundation, where they will be included in a specific list. Membership to the group is open.

The annual fee is € 35 and entitles you to receive the Foundation’s monthly newsletter, as well as to obtain discounts on activities organized by both the Textile and Fashion Studies Group and the Foundation.



Dr. Silvia Ventosa, curator of the textile and fashion collections of the Design Museum in Barcelona, member of the Board of Trustees of the Design History Foundation and group leader.

Dr. Silvia Carbonell, Managing Director of the Centre de Documentació Museu Tèxtil de Terrassa.

Dr. Assumpta Dangla, museologist and expert on printed fabrics history.

Neus Ribas, director of the Museu d’Arenys de Mar.


C / Còrsega, 176, Bajos-int.
08036 Barcelona
Tel. 93 513 97 29
Working hours: Monday to Friday, from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm