• History of Graphic Design

    This source outlines a teacher lectures in Graphic Design History is for students. This site is for educational purposes only.

  • Hunterian Online Photo Library

    This new service from Hunterian Multimedia provides online access to over 6000 publication quality images from the collections of the Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery, University of Glasgow. These images have been drawn from a wide range of the Hunterian’s collections including artworks, archaeology, ethnography, geology, zoology, history, numismatics and scientific instruments.

  • International Exhibitions, Expositions Universelles and World Fairs: 1851-2005

    A Bibliography.
    This bibliography grew out of the recognition that research on the history of international exhibitions and world’s fairs is burgeoning and that sources on the topic have proliferated enormously in recent years. As a consequence, the field has grown tremendously and now involves disciplines as diverse as History, Cultural Geography, Urban Studies, Art History and the History of Architecture, among others. This development, however, has made it increasingly difficult to find appropriate research sources. It is hoped that this bibliography will aid in that process.

  • La Couturière Parisienne

    This site is all about period costume, from the Middle Ages up to the early 20th century. Access 4000 costume pictures through a database, read one of hundreds of articles, or download some authentic period patterns.

  • Les expositions universelles

    De 1851 à nos jours, à Paris, New York, Montréal…, les expositions universelles et internationales ont laissé de belles traces de leur passage; comme la tour Eiffel, l’atomium, space needle…..
    Instaurées à leur debut pour être la vitrine du progrès technique, et pousser différentes nations à surencherir par la démesure; aujourd’hui même si ces nations continuent à rivaliser sur l’originalité ou l’esthétisme de leur pavillon, les expositions sont axées sur des thèmes communs (les océans, l’image….).
    Mais hier comme aujourd’hui, les expositions universelles ont aussi contribué à presenter l’art et la culture des pays participants.