• 01/09/2011

    Design Activism and Social Change Conference

    The FHD will organise the Design History Society annual conference in 2011
    The Design History Society Annual Conference,
    will take place 7-10 September 2011, Barcelona

    Theme: Design Activism and Social Change
    Venues: Facultat d’Història de l’Art de la Universitat de Barcelona and ADI FAD
    Convenor:  Guy Julier
    Organizers:  Fundacio Historia del Disseny, Barcelona
    Design activism has emerged in recent years as a term to denote creative practices that invoke social, political and environmental agency. Typically, it distances itself from commercial or mainstream public policy-driven approaches. Instead, it embraces marginal, non- profit or politically engaged design theories, articulations and actions.
    This conference offers an important opportunity for design students, academics and practitioners to participate in the development of historical enquiry into design activism. It welcomes the presentation of original research that helps deepen and widen our understanding of its practices and theories, contexts and discourses.  The types of design expression that this conference includes, but are not limited to, are professional and non-professional industrial, graphic, craft, textile, fashion, urban, spatial, interior, digital and service design.