• 03/12/2019

    Obituary Victor Margolin (1941-2019)

    On November 27th, Victor Margolin (1941-2019) died in Washington. Margolin was a member of the Advisory Council of the Foundation and a well-known design historian in Spanish-speaking countries because he spoke Spanish and for the book Las políticas de lo artificial published by Editorial Designio in 2002. He was a true precursor to the history of design discipline in which he was able to take a doctorate in 1981, being one of the first full-time professors of this subject in the United States. He has taught since 1982 at the University of Illinois in Chicago of which he was currently Professor Emeritus. His written production was deep and rigorous highlighting his studies on Soviet graphic design and philosophy of history. In the eighties he was co-founder of Design Issues magazine that initiated the tradition of academic journals of project culture. His greatest and most ambitious work was a World History of Design whose third volume could not end because of a serious accident. Margolin was a progressive and committed intellectual, a true history activist who didn’t miss a congress where he could support the nascent community of design historians and where his authoritative word was revered.

    We attached his Cv CV Victor Margolin and the video of the ICDHS Barcelona, 2018 link