• 08/07/2021

    Yves Zimmermann. Master of Peninsular and International Graphic Design

    Yves Zimmermann (Basilea 1937-Barcelona 2021). On July 4, the designer Yves Zimmermann, recognized as one of the great masters of peninsular and international graphics (1995 National Design Award), passed away in Barcelona. Trained at the prestigious Basel School, he arrived in Barcelona in 1961 at a founding moment for the profession and the Barcelona institutions related to design, to which he impressed a very personal character. He quickly began to work at the Elisava School and to collaborate with the prestigious Gráficas Casamajó printing company. He opened his first solo studio in 1968; in 1975 he created “Integral Design” with André Ricard, with whom he would design memorable packaging for the Puig colonies. Finally in 1988 he opened the “Zimmerman Asociados” studio with Anna Alavedra with the aim of specializing in corporate image and packaging projects. Among others, it had as clients the Barcelona Airport, Artel, Bank of Spain, Carolina Herrera, Círculo de Lectores and Victorio & Lucchino. Zimmerman was also a complete intellectual, polyglot and very interested in culture who collaborated closely with the Gustavo Gili publishing house in the direction and design of the Diseño collection thanks to which, in the 80s and 90s, we met German-speaking authors such as Aicher , Löbach or Bürdek. Zimmerman brought rigor and methodology to Catalan design and always following his maxim “Design is to communicate the essence of things” hewas able to combine Germanic austerity with the chromatic joy of the Mediterranean. When he left the profession for health reasons, he gave all his voluminous work to the Design Museum.