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  • 17/04/2018


    The book Indianes reproduces two groups of unpublished documents of an original documentary collection of calico prints, some two hundred years old, belonging to Mr. Lluís Roset from Igualada. Specifically, it is a selection of original drawings of calico prints dated in 1815 (Llibre de mostres), drawings designed to be printed, and a manuscript dated in 1813 (Llibre de colors), which contains forty-eight recipes mixtures, explaining how to achieve accurate colors on the cotton cloth the images would be printed on.

    Thus, the book presents the photographic reproduction of twenty-two original drawings of the Llibre de mostres, which are completed with the recreation of the result that would be obtained when stamping them. As for the Llibre de colors, which has an important documentary value, the book shows the facsimile reproduction of the hand-written pages.


    – Indianes, by Assumpta Dangla
    – Llibre de mostres of the factory of Josep Anton Fàbregas, Igualada, 1815. Selection of the drawings and recreation of the prints
    – Llibre de colors by Josep Anton Fàbregas, Igualada, 1813. Facsimile
    – Glossary of the Llibre de colors
    – Translation to Spanish
    – English translation

    Edited by Montserrat Combalia and Remigi Combalia
    ISBN: 978-84-6176467-0
    Trilingual edition: Catalan, Spanish and English.
    300 numbered copies
    Hardcover, bound in fabric, 28.5 x 36 cm
    176 pp.
    February 2017
    Published with the collaboration of the Diputación de Barcelona and the Design History Foundation

    € 150

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