• Arts and Humanities Data Services (AHDS)

    Working on behalf of the academic community to collect, catalogue, manage, preserve and promote the re-use of scholarly digital resources.

  • BUBL

    A catalogue of selected Internet resources.

  • CDD – Centre de Documentació IMPIVA Disseny

    El CDD es un servicio de información que tiene su sede en la Ciudad Politécnica de Innovación dentro del Campus de la Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. El centro ofrece infraestructura de consulta y documentación para facilitar el acceso a la información y la investigación en torno al diseño.

  • Chronology of Eina

    The chronology of Eina online offers a list of relevant events and processes that allow us to follow the historical thread of this pioneering center in the teaching of design and art in Barcelona. It is the result of a research work based on the cataloging of documents from the historical archive of the center and the critical review of these sources. It establishes a relationship with the textual, graphic and photographic documents, as well as the link with other information available on Internet. It also includes data from the local and international context that are considered significant.
    www. cronologia.eina.cat/

  • Decentering Whiteness in Design History

    Decentering Whiteness in Design History Resources


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